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I feel like Doctor Who is being really misleading. The trailer/promo makes it look like Twelve is going to be really dark yet the filming photos say something entirely different: 

imageBeware of the spoon

imageThe Doctor forgot how to hug

imageYes very dark, very scary. 

That last one though

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Omg I was just listening to my mp3-player on shuffle and suddenly some interview about sinkholes came up and it was so scary ‘cause I didn’t know what it was

It took me quite a while to find out I wasn’t picking up some weird radio signal but ot was an “example audiobook” that haf been set on my mp3-player before I bought it

The weird audiobook is now talking about whalesongs…..
I have a file on my ipod comparing whalesongs from 1998 with those from 2005 this is actually kinda great

  • Society: Misha no
  • Misha Collins: Misha yes